Origin: Finland
Birth Date: 20 August
Blood Type: O

Jae was born into a musical family and studied classical music from primary to secondary school, piano as his main instrument. As a teenager he grew interested in electronic music, followed by rock and metal, and in high school he started learning guitar on his own. Soon he decided to move to Southern Finland to find band members and pursue his dream of becoming a multi-skilled musician.

In 2016, after working with many different bands Jae started a solo project under the name Jae XIII. So far unsigned, Jae is constantly developing his skills and collaborating with other people in the industry.


Merry Friday the 13th! ★

It has been quite a while since the previous post. Those who follow me on Twitter might have an idea of what has been going on but I felt that I should open things up more here too. So here goes!

I have wanted to push my music to a more electronic direction for a long time and lately I have spent countless hours mixing and learning various methods for electronic music production. I look up to many electronic music artists (such as Klayton, Yasutaka Nakata and Bret Autrey) who seamlessly combine different musical styles together and as a solo artist I believe I will have more possibilities if I do not "limit" myself with a traditional rock band line-up. My music will definitely be strongly rock-influenced in the future too but the overall sound will be quite different.

My first release with the new musical style will be titled "Harhama" and will feature Sharan (KARMIA) as a collaborative vocalist. The release date will be announced in the near future, please look forward to it!
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Used materials:Ink, watercolors
Dimensions:31 cm x 31 cm (with frame)